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Questions For Your Wedding Officiant

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      Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant…                    
Your ceremony is the heart of your wedding day however many people are uncertain about how to choose an officiant. This person will be saying some of the most important words you will ever hear in your life.                 You should hire an officiant who can not only convey the message of your script but also create a wedding ceremony that is stress free and everything you want it to be.                         


1.)  Where to find an officiant?

Wedding professionals, friends or family members might have some ideas for you to choose from however the final decision should be yours. You should feel confident in your choice.


2.)  Do you like the officiant’s voice? 

He or she should speak slowly and clearly and you should understand every word that is being said.  


3.)  Will your officiant create the wedding of your dreams? 

Your wedding officiant should create a script that is meaningful for the two of you.  Whatever style of ceremony you choose, your officiant should have a library of helpful ideas and information for you to choose from. 


4.)  How long will the ceremony be?

Ask how long the ceremony itself will take; this is important information for your other vendors too.  


5.)  What is your officiant’s background? 

An officiant should have years of experience in the wedding industry. And also have an excellent reputation and be very professional.


6.)  How many meetings will you have? 

You should have as many meetings as you would like. Your officiant should be available and respond immediately as questions arise.

An officiant should be very helpful but not overbearing.


7.)  Will the officiant run the rehearsal? 

If you decide to have a rehearsal an experienced officiant can be very helpful.  If you decide not to have a rehearsal a meeting should be scheduled to go over all details.


8.)  How will the officiant be dressed? 

Usually attire is a professional robe

however you should be able to choose a different attire if you like. 


     9.)  What about fee?                                                                                                 Most times an officiant will have a set price, however if you have a                      budget your officiant might work within it.                                                        Ask if there is a deposit and when the final payment is due.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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